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Custom Bends can be produced in any size between and including 8mm OD x 0.5mm Wall Thickness and 63.5mm OD x 5mm Wall Thickness.
Material, a variety of different materials including Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, CDS, T45, Aluminum can be used to suit customer requirements.
Wall thickness and material are important considerations to preserve the structural integrity of tube when it comes to centre lines of radii. Tube bender engineering  Bends.  Have a variety of different centre line radii bends can be made depending on the wall thickness of the tube.
Accuracy, an accuracy of less than 0.1 of a degree on a world leading state of the art Amob CNC Mandrel Tube bending machine or where a mandrel is not required a Rotary Draw Bending Machine.   

Bends can be produced on differing planes if required.
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Roll cage kit
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Order Custom bends from Tube Bender

We have a simple proven process that ensures you receive your order to your exact specifications

We need to know:
1)   Material
2)   Outside Diameter
3) Centre Line Radius you would like to achieve or Wall Thickness of the tube.

Along with a sketch, drawing or plan of the required dimensions.

We will then produce a CAD model of your project to establish if your project is possible. We send you an order form which, includes the Cad model, price and lead-time. You simply check and approve the information and return the order form to us. To speed things up we prefer use of email.

If you decide to go ahead then we would send you a pro-forma invoice for 50% deposit and request your preferred delivery method.

Once your order is completed we will send you a photo of your order requesting the balance plus postage prior to next day delivery.
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