Tube Bender Limited supplies bespoke bent hoops in a variety of different size tubes.

If you intend to race your vehicle then the hoops must comply to the Motor Sport UK (MSUK) and Fédération Internationale de l Automobile (FIA).

These rules stipulate that you must use either 44.45mm OD x 2.64mm or 50.8mm OD x 2.03mm CDS (Cold Drawn Seamless) Steel as a minimum for roll cages. Tube Bender adheres to ALL rules regarding centreline radii and maximum deformation throughout the bend.

Custom roll cage hoops :-

  • Are produced in any size between and including 8mm OD x 0.5mm Wall and 63.5mm OD x 5mm Wall.
  • Are produced on a variety of different centre line radii depending on the wall thickness of the tube.
  • Are produced with an accuracy of 0.1 of a degree using a top of the range NC rotary draw bender. This includes the angle of bend and the plane of bend.
  • Can be produced using a variety of tubing including Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, CDS, T45, Aluminum.

What We Need To Make Your Hoops

We have a simple proven process that ensures you receive your order to your exact specifications 

We need to know: 

1) Material 
2) Outside Diameter
3) Centre Line Radius you would like to achieve or Wall Thickness of the tube.
4) If the hoops need to adhere to MSUK and FIA regulations.
5) A sketch, drawing or plan of the required dimensions. 

We will then use all the information and produce a CAD model of your project to establish if your project is possible. We send you an order form, which includes the Cad model, price and lead-time. You simply check and approve the information and return the order form to us. To speed things up we prefer use of email.

If you decide to go ahead then we would send you a pro-forma invoice for 50% deposit and request your preferred delivery method. We will then manufacture your project from quality certiified material specified, often using one of our state of the art high quallity accurate Amob CNC Tube Bending Machines.  

Once your order is completed we will send you a photo of your order requesting the balance plus postage prior to delivery.